Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My very own Mini Me!

Another post, here it are all floored, I know :) I've just had this blog on my mind lately which in turn gives you all the chance to see how "glamorous" my life REALLY is, you lucky ducks! So, in keeping with recent form (meaning the first post in almost a year) I need to pay tribute to my very guessed it....Mini Me aka Skylar!

Here she is, my little Skylar! 6 years old now and everyday she asks me, or rather, tells me, "Mom... I'm almost 7...right?" I laugh every time! For me, looking into her 6 year old little face, it takes me waaaaay back. Almost like looking into a mirror and well, to be honest, it freaks me out just a little! Who knew I'd ever have a mini me and to tell you the truth, we are alike in more than just looks! This beauty, if I do say so myself, is the biggest goof! She loves to party, laugh, smile, sing, dance and is one of the most accident prone little ladies I have ever met! She dances to her own beat and really immerses herself in life! Sometimes at the risk of walking into walls, counter-tops, poles, tripping over everything from shoes to her own feet, she's got more bumps and bruises than many kids I know but man, does she ever live life with style! To share one of my favorite things about Sky, use your imagination and picture this....

It's late afternoon and we've just gotten home from school/work/Carly's place. The kids run into the living room (I assume to watch some TV before I catch them to protest). As I come into the house, all I hear is Hannah Montana music coming from the living room. Intrigued, I walk in to find this....Sky, as close to the glaring, empty TV screen as she can possibly get while still being able to see her reflection. She has her imaginary mic (her hand) pulled up close to her mouth and she is belting out the Hannah tunes better than the half pint pop star would do herself. Keep in mind, the reflection in the TV, because that is all Skylar is seeing. Herself, on TV, with the best moves in the nation! She watches herself closely as she twirls, shimmies, shakes her booty like the true ROCKSTAR that she is! These are the things of life, the things that make the grueling struggles all worth it! That face, her smile, laugh, her spirit....and the best part is she's all mine!

As she grows (which btw is something I never authorized!) I get overcome with how fast it all has gone. Blair and I were remembering the other night, how we once use to sit and think "gosh, won't it be fun to see her running, jumping, dancing". Seems like that was just yesterday....and yet, here we are, 6 years later. Her running, jumping and dancing all in full force now! It scares me to think what's next....her teeth have even started falling out! Eeeek! The memories though, are priceless. I hold them dear and close to my heart! This gal is my star! So, one last thing before I conclude....this song sums it up for my two, beautiful angel girls. It makes me cry like a baby but the words are oh so true and beautiful so you have to indulge me now....

"In my daughter's eyes I am a hero. I am strong and wise and I know no fear. But the truth is plain to see, She was sent to rescue me. I see who I wanna be. In my daughter's eyes. In my daughter's eyes everyone is equal. Darkness turns to light and the world is at peace. This miracle God gave to me strength when I am weak, I find reason to believe, In my daughter's eyes. And when she wraps her hand around my finger, Oh it puts a smile in my heart. Everything becomes a little clearer, I realize what life is all about. It's hangin' on when your heart has had enough. It's giving more when you feel like giving up. I've seen the light, It's in my daughter's eyes. In my daughter's eyes I can see the future. A reflection of who I am and what will be. Though she'll grow and someday leave, Maybe raise a family. When I'm gone I hope you see how happy she made me. For I'll be there, In my daughter's eyes."-Martina McBride

Friday, October 2, 2009

Maddie "My" Menace....

Ok it comes, A NEW POST!! Holy hoot it's been almost an entire year since my last post. I really, really struggle sometimes. Ah well, here's to trying again. And again. And again I suppose. Thank goodness that most of you know me well enough to be able to laugh at my flakiness!! :)

I have decided the theme for this post is gonna be my little Maddie the Menace! Yes, we have actually talked about changing her name to this....

For those lucky enough to know this "FIREBALL" of a kid...count yourself among the lucky. She is one special little woman! From tantrums on the kitchen floor (see pic on the left, these happen daily at our place), to the snap in Z formation while telling me to "get outta my space mom", to stuffing enormous amounts of food into her cheeks until she either chokes or throws it all up (for some reason she thinks this is just hilarious)....this is my daughter! All of 4 years old....she already thinks she doesn't need anyone. In a recent conversation with Maddie, we got to discussing the fact that she wanted to "just live alone". Now keep in mind this wasn't a rational discussion as she happened to be ranting....and somehow, amidst the screams and tears I was able to get this funny conversation out of her....

Maddie: "I just want to live ALONE"
Mom: "Hmm, well, that doesn't sound like fun. Who would make you dinner Maddie?
Maddie, appalled: "I can feed MYSELF"
Mom: "Well, who would you play with? That sounds lonely"
Maddie, appalled again: "Duh mom, my toys"
Mom: "Well, who would tuck you in at night? And who would be there to kiss you when you were scared" heh heh heh (I thought)

These sure are the moments aren't they! The list of the things this gal says and the things she comes up with well....I could go on and on! (You'll have to post any comments of "Maddie stories" if you have any!) Anyway, with Maddie the Menace in full force all the time at our place, here is what I do know....I know, that despite her stubborn, strong willed, attitude driven personality she is one of the BEST things in my life. To know this to LOVE this kid! I feel lucky to be her mom and wish that everyone could always see her as I do! She's a tough act but soooo worth getting to know and love. Once in your heart....this kid is there to stay. So today, and everyday, I thank the Lord for my Maddie the Menace! May you all be so lucky to have someone as great as her in your life!! LUBS!