Monday, November 17, 2008

Where does the time go??

Okay seriously, it has been 3 months since my last pathetic! I must give a shout out to Melissa...without her, my off track mind would still be derailed so, thanks girl! Well, as I'm sure you can all attest, there is a lot one can cram into 3 months. I will try not to bore you with ALL the facinating details of my monthly, here is the highlight real from the last few months.....

Playing in the leaves up good ole Hobble Creek Canyon. This year after General Conference we decided to take a drive up Springville Canyon for some great scenery and oh yeah, don't forget the LEAVES!! This was a great time to be silly, take pics and silly! Madi enjoyed filling her pockets with the little fallen acorns (or whatever they were), she had no time for the beautiful can't put leaves in your pocket!! Duh mom! Skylar spent most of her time pulling faces and posing for the camera...she is such a goof and wants all her weirdness caught on camera. I am sure as she gets older she won't be as excited about some of these pics as she is today....a mother's only bargaining chip!! The crazy photos.....I have many from my childhood but we are soooo not going there! Like mother like daughter I guess you could say!

In later October we spent some time at the pumpkin patch....what Halloween adventure would be complete without picking out your own pumpkins. As you can see from the felt like winter was here! We were very under dressed for the occasion but thankfully found coats in the back seat of Blair's truck. The kids had a great time even though we were all FREEZING!! Madison was very into the mini pumpkins and it was hard to convince her to pick a pumpkin big enough to carve. Finally though, we gave in and let her get a big pumpkin as well as a mini one! Lucky girl...I must have been in a good mood that day!

We had a sad ending to our October pumpkin fest....our pumpkins got stolen before we even had the chance to get them carved! That's right....they were stolen right off of our front porch. Now, I get the whole "we are teenagers and the only fun thing to do on Halloween night is steal pumpkins and smash them in the street".... but geeze, Halloween was two weeks away and we didn't even get the pleasure of carving the darn things. I was miffed at the hooligans that felt it was their right to take something that did not belong to big deal I know but, its the principal...right!! Okay, I'll stop...

The other fun thing we did in October this year was visit the Zoo. It was a fun day, just me, Sky, Madi, Tricia and Morgan....a fun girls day! I haven't been to the Zoo in years so it was fun seeing all the changes that had been made. Our fav. spot was hanging out with the monkeys! Oh...and lest I forget, the giraffes. Skylar pointed out that I liked the giraffes the best cause "you are like a giraffe mom!" Ah kids, they say the darndest things! Mostly hilarious to me because that statement is sooo true! I did like the giraffes and I did feel like we had a bond....a freakish, tall bond!!

October ended quickly for me it seems. My favorite month of all! Not because of Halloween either, bah humbug! I love October because the heat of summer fades away and the brisk chill of autumn arrives. All the breathtaking colors, being able to layer clothes and get out all your cold weather blankets (although for me, I have those blankets out all year!) I would have to say......fall is my favorite season and October is my favorite month!

Halloween is not all bad I would make it seem. This year we started "Scary Movie Night"!!! and although we created the tradition's still going strong now into November! There is nothing better than a bunch a good friends, junk food and a really scary movie to bring back all those great High School memories! Maybe that is why I have been enjoying this new tradition so much. With my 30th approaching I find myself reminiscing about the good ole days a lot!! This pic is from a scary movie you can tell, Blair was very scared!! Hahah!!

Last but not least....we had our first visit from the Tooth Fairy! Yup, that's right....Skylar lost her first tooth! Crazy you say? Try being her mother! I was in complete shock. Had myself one of those little mother moments where you say to yourself "I am not old enough to have a child that looses their teeth!!" That was me! In fact, I am still saying that even though the tooth has been gone for about two weeks now!

I loved that Skylar was all about having her tooth pulled out. I didn't even have to convince her that it wouldn't hurt. It was funny, I took a wash cloth (to give myself a better grip on the tiny thing) and gave the tooth a good yank. Sky winced and said "OUCH MOM!!" I thought quick, knowing that if she thought the pain was in anyway connected with the loose tooth and/or my tugging on it....the tooth pulling efforts would have been put on hiatus for the night. I stopped her protest and quickly said "oh, sorry sis, I was pulling on the wrong tooth", heh heh! I gave it one more twist and tug and out it came! Not one tear or one drop of blood even fell, I was so proud!

Next came the tooth fairy! Sky carefully placed her little, white tooth under her pillow all the while assuring Blair and I that the tooth fairy would wake her before swiping her tooth and stay and chat with her for a bit. The way she talked about it you would think they spoke on a regular basis...hmmmm! She was excited for bed but had many, many questions..."Mom, what does the tooth fairy look like? What do you think she sounds like? What do you think she is gonna do with my tiny tooth?" were just a few. The next morning Sky came running into our room with a small bag full of change guessed it.....FAIRY DUST!! I think the fairy dust was better than the coins. She immediately took the "fairy dust" and dusted it all over herself! Skylar also mentioned that she did happen to see the tooth fairy that night and that her dress was beautiful! Blair makes the prettiest fairy!! :0)

So there we have it.....3 months in a nutshell, or well, a novel really! I will try to be better at posting and Melissa....keep proding me along! Thanks for following...we love you all!


Haley said...

A post from Jessica! Yahoo! I am totally excited. Your girls are too cute!

Melissa said...

Wow! It's amazing to see a new post here! :) Cute pics!