Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cakes and Presents and Birthdays...Oh My!!!

I am officially ready for this gosh darn month to be over! It has been birthday bonanza around my neck of the woods lately. With not just one birthday princess to please but two....this month has been an exhausting array of princess gowns, make-up, castle cakes, build-a-bear and loads of singing and dancing! Don't they look like the most well behaved princesses you have ever seen? Well, don't let those beautiful smiles fool you, along with being great at posing for the camera they are FULL of attitude. Now, every princess needs a little attitude is what you are thinking...right? I suppose this is true but with my girls, attitude flows like the fountain of youth....they have an endless supply and boy do they know how to use it up! Between Skylar telling me ALL the things she HAD to get for her presents and knowing exactly who was suppose to give her what, and Madison telling me over and over as she flopped on the floor in some sort of tantrum "I'm not having a birthday!!", I'm about to veto the birthday altogether! None the less I have survived, a shell of a woman, but a survivor. You all must be thinking I am being overly dramatic but trust me....I am definitely not! And for anyone that has been around to witness my own personal mayhem you can back me up here.

This month and these two birthdays have n
ot been all bad though. I must look back and reflect at some of the crazy fun I did in fact create. Like for instance, my first castle birthday cake. A feet in itself, made to order upon my 5 year olds request. Wow you say....what a talent I have....haha! It's really hard to see the pure talent that it took to create this work of art, almost as hard as it is to tell that I am being sarcastic about how much I LOVE this cake! It did however get rave reviews from Skylar and all of our party goers! The story of this cakes creation is going to have to be told at another time though. Sorry to disappoint! Drama, drama, drama...what more could you expect! And with that we will move on to Madison's birthday cake. She wanted a necklace cake. Hmmm, not one I have ever seen before. Took me a long time to come up with a design for her request...hours and hours of deliberating on colors, flavors and oh the heck do I make a necklace cake? I really wanted to meet Madison's request for the perfect necklace birthday cake so......this is what I came up with....Doesn't this just take the cake? Hahaha! Poor Madison didn't get her necklace cake but what she did get, (which in my opinion is much better than any necklace cake out there), is a sane mother on her big birthday bash! I must say though, as I look back at these cake pictures...YIKES, these are really scary cakes! Oh well, good memories at least, that is really all that matters!

Now in the wake of birthday madness, my home is covered with icing on doorknobs and window panes, dishes that touch the ceiling, barbie's of all types and sizes, balloons, some of which are still floating and others have just enough umph left to skim the floor, various dress up shoes and dresses and half eaten candy which I continue to find in the strangest places. Is this the measure of a great birthday month...I would have to agree with my two girls....who doesn't love a great party!

Skylar's B-Day party...crazy princess faces! Madison being overwhelmed with presents!


Mark said...

Least ye forget the great and wonderful barbie cake. is that what it was? Hind site is wonderful. What great girls you have, bring them over and let us spoil them anytime, just be sure to pick them back up.LOL

Haley said...

Your girls are too cute and precious! I don't know that I would know what to do with a girl! We just have trucks and blocks and dirt at our house. We need to get together again sometime!