Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here I go...blabbing, I mean blogging :0)

Okay, I have finally done it, I have a blog! Or at least the skeleton of one. Baby steps, I must remember to take baby steps! This is all rather technical for my puny little brain but more importantly do keep in mind when referring to my so called blog, I have a "mild" case of ADD (for all of you unaware of this fact), in which case I feel overwhelmed by all of the great stuff you can do with these blogs...lets just say I get a bit distracted! So, here's for hoping I can figure this's for hoping someone might enjoy my various, silly ramblings and here's for hoping this may in some way help "My so called life...."


Melissa said...

Sweet! I'm excited you ahve one too. Baby (I mean bloggy) steps are good.

Melissa said...

I can spell!

Jessamie said...

Yay, this is great! You're the best! Thanks for looking me isn't there a way to add your blog to mine, under like a favourites list? Oh and BTW love that pic!

JeremyPratt said...


I am glad you have a blog so I can see what you are doing. Believe me I still really struggle with the whole thing as well.


Mark said...

So Jess, I was looking at your profile. specifically your fav music. What no Neil or CSNY? Nothing you listened to growing up. I guess I failed you I truly am sorry. :-)